PODCAST Don't Play With Things That Go Boom

00 Introduction

About 50 years ago, there was this Vietnam War Thing on the other side of the planet. My country decided they needed me and that gave me an opportunity to learn a number of life lessions.

01 Baby Boomers Wanted

It takes a lot of people to fight a war. The country needed soldiers -- lots and lots of soldiers.
They looked around and there we were -- the Baby Boomers.

02 Bell bottoms? You can't be serious.

Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was this thing called -- The Draft.
Most young men my age had to decide how they would deal with it.

03 May I borrow your pee? Please.

I thought I knew what my first day in the Army would be like. I'd seen lots of movies. I talked to my friends who had experienced it. I was sure I knew what would happen. I was ready ... or so I thought.

04 I don't know but I've been told ...

There was no room for us at Fort Ord, California, so they loaded us on busses and sent us across the country to a place called Fort Polk, Louisiana.